Monday, February 2, 2009

I thought I heard a puddy tat!

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I did, I did hear a puddy tat!  We found this little bitty kitten in our backyard on Saturday.  Now, we are not cat people as Shawna Lawhorn can attest to...  (and NO I did not intentionally launch Warf across the room...  I was very much asleep when he jumped in my lap at 3am!!!  And don't even attempt to contact PETA on this incident folks, it happened over a decade ago and it's way past the statue of limitations I'm sure...  ;}  However, Caleb has been praying everyday for the last few weeks for a small dog, specifically a Chihuahua, "but if you would rather me have another pet, then that's okay too God."  When we found this little kitten in our yard, Caleb's eyes got as big as platters as he excitedly exclaimed...  "God answered my prayers Mom!  It's His will that we have a cat instead of a dog!"  Now...  how does one argue with that? Caleb named him Prince Caspian... however, our friends Sarah and Jessie think he may be a she... in that case, Caleb named it Princess Laya... I guess we won't know for sure until the kitty's vet visit...


Jennifer said...

Congrats on your new pet... we are so not cat people so I'll be sure to listen to Charlotte's prayers very carefully over the next several years! :)