Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. A husband that totally spoils me! :)

2. My Facebook friends! I know I've already been thankful for them in another post, but it is so encouraging to get a response to my status, or to just get a glimps inside their world through their status updates. It's a great tool to help me pray for them as well!

3. New friends God's brought into my life through Life Group and Lake Wales MOPs

4. Fingernails... I know, odd, and I'm not talking about the fancy kind either...  just plain 'ol nails...  They've protected me from chopping off my fingers a time or two when dicing the veggies ;)

5. Bun warmers in the van! Something I would have never wanted, but when we bought our van a few years ago it had 'em... and who would of thought bun warmers would be a plus down here in sunny Florida? But it is just so relaxing on my lower back... (refer back to #1 ;)

6. Having a dear precious friend who just happens to be a massage therapist!!! God totally spoils me too! ;D

7. Awesome opportunities! Our lives are filled with them!!!

8.  Caleb's Tae Kwan Do school - they work so well with him!

9.  ...on that note, my friends April and Ted!  They are both so patient with my boys and especially Caleb, and they work so well with him!

10.  My forgiving and understanding mom!!!  I forgot her birthday earlier today, but mom it's totally not personal...  I also forgot Justus at preschool today!!!  (and NO it's NOT pregnancy brain!!!)

11.  That Eric works so close to the preschool, and has a flexible schedule...  ;}  (refer back to #1 and #10...)

12.  That I don't have to lug all my dirty laundry to a laundromat!

13.  That I didn't discontinue our subscription to 24 hr. Baby First TV when I thought Justus was over it...  It's totally rescued us a few late nights!