Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gone Fishin'

My friends invited us to go to Cabela's (an outdoorsy store) and then go fishing off the dock.  The store has so many amazing stuffed real animals:  zebra, lions, tons of various deer, and even an elephant!!!  They also have a large fish tank indoors and a stocked pond outdoors - which is where we went fishing afterwards.  


Justus caught his first fish!

He's pretty proud of his catch!

Mr. Joey helping Caleb catch his fish

Fishin' Buddies showing off their catch

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Down on the Farm

Justus' class went on a field trip to a petting farm...

We were petting this pregnant goat and I explained to Justus there was a baby goat inside...  he gave me an inquisitive look then promptly walked around to the goat's mouth and tried to pry her mouth open for a better look at that baby goat inside...  :D

Making a list and checking it twice

Caleb brought me this list he's been making of activities he wants to do with his Grammy.  I'll translate for ya:

1.  Sea World Beach (they put up a shamu blanket he has and set up beach chairs in his room and pretend they are at the beach.)

2.  Jump - "I don't know if Grammy can do this one or not, but she will either jump on the trampoline with me or watch me jump on the trampoline."

3.  Time - they sit on Caleb's bed and pretend they are time travelers.

4.  Race - race cars (i think)

5.  seek highdingo (Hide and Go Seek) 

I wonder if he'll revise the list once he realizes Grammy's not coming to his house this year, he's going to her house...  I'll keep ya posted...  :)