Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1.  That Justus requires me to "tiss" the EXACT spot that he hurt, so I end up kissing him 20 times until I get it right...  

2.  I have the best husband in the world...  I know y'all must be sick of hearing about it, but seriously!  He works so very, very hard at all of  his various jobs, but always has time for me and the boys!  I don't know how he does it...  I can't chew gum and walk at the same time, but he can do 25 things at the same exact time, and can do them well!

3.  Caleb babysitting Justus in the backyard, followed by bathing him, so I can cook dinner uninterrupted.  He's the BEST big brother in the WORLD!  

4.  My IPod on my phone...  That way I never leave home without it, and the songs that minister to me the most are right at my fingertips!  

5.  Precious friends!  God has been so faithful in that area of my life and I am so thankful to Him!!!

6.  Finding a Whole Foods in Orlando!  :)  I know it's a 2hr drive round trip, but still...  I'm thankful and excited and can't wait to find a day when I can just head up there alone and scope it out!!  :)  Um...  and I have to reiterate how thankful I am for Eric's various jobs again...  because that's how I'm paying for Whole Foods... :)

7.  Thankful for the tough times because I can see God's hand working through the heartache to help others...


Palmer Surf Crew said...

I love Whole Foods, too. Too bad you don't have a Trader Joe's! They are super cheap and have all kinds of great things! Maybe they'll come to Florida eventually.

Jennifer said...

I was at that Whole Foods recently. It is really much tinier than I expected it to be. If you are going for the experience, have fun. But I think one can get quite a decent selection of organic products at Publix now. My Publix is really good about special ordering things for me too.

And as for Caleb watching Justus... I am so glad that kids get old enough to help with the younger ones. I can't wait for Charlotte to be able to do that with Baby #2.

hgrenier said...

Publix is great on so many things! Their greenwise section is impressive for our area for sure! I go there at least once a week now. But I guess several things that impressed me about Whole Foods was their large raw cheese selections, so far I've found about 4 choices at Publix and 3 of those being pretty much the same flavor like a parmesan... Also, the candy section was fun for the boys - no #'s in the ingredient list all dyed with beets and carrots but still taste like candy :)... not that i want them to have candy all the time, i was tempted by the juice bar and the gelato bar, impressed by their nitrate and nitrite free deli meat options although i've found one or two products at publix - i've bought a couple of packages of hotdogs from publix since they're one of caleb's all time fav foods... i've also gone to chamberlain's several times in lakeland and really appreciate them as well, i've been to anthony's but only to pick up what Dr. Todd told me to get at my dr.s appointment, so i've not really explored there much.

and yes alison, i dream about trader joe's in my sleep ;D i've never been, but have many family members in california that sing it's praises. maybe one of these days - fingers, toes, and eyes crossed... ;D