Thursday, April 30, 2009

My little animal rescuer

While at "work" today Caleb and my friend came across this turtle in the fish pond.  

They released him here at a nearby lake.  (I'm thinking I wish someone would release me here, looks like a great lake to sit and read a good book!)

I love how Caleb is with animals.  I can see in these pictures how he felt the responsibility of saving this little guy (*or gal...  he can tell the difference you know!  seriously!)  and the sense of purpose and pride he felt for this accomplishment.

I am so very grateful that my friend took these pictures for me!!!

*While we were on a field trip with Caleb's class a few weeks ago, the lady asked the class, "Does anybody know how we can tell weather this is a girl turtle, or a boy turtle?"  Caleb's hand shot up and I was instantly filled with fear...  oh no, what in the world is he going to say...  no, no lady, don't call on him....  panic, she called on him....  

Caleb replied, "If the turtle has a flat tummy or a dented tummy."  Whew!  relief!  

Lady, "That's right!  A girl turtle has a flat tummy and a boy turtle looks like he's been punched in the gut."

He told me later he learned that at Lion Country Safari!  So he was listening!!!  :)  (Apparently much better than I was because I totally didn't remember that!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm gonna get you... - warning: very blurry pictures ahead...

One of the boys' favorite game they've made up is called "Lick Noses" where they tackle me and try to lick my nose...  Here are a few of the action shots I took during our most recent attack...  er game....  ;D   I wish I had a video or even just audio to upload because it is the best laughter and giggling ever!

This last shot is just Caleb making a silly face, but it was during an attack... um game, so I'm posting it here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day...  a great day to clarify my blog name - "Living Grenier (Greener)".  I've had some people congratulate me for trying to live a greener lifestyle "in order to save the planet and make sure our grandchildren will even have a planet at all."  But I'm trying to live a greener lifestyle in order to attempt to live a healthier life, and to be a good steward of the planet that God has given us.  In Genesis, God entrusted Adam and Eve (and now us) as caretakers of His creation.  I don't fear the future, I don't fear for my children or grandchildren or even great grandchildren.  God is in complete control over everything, and that includes the planet. I'm not trying to be fanatical, or buying into the mainstream media's "Global Warming" theory, or buying into fear strategies...  The earth is NOT my mother!!!  I am just trying to look at my decisions and think, "What would my great grandparents have eaten, or bought, or done, or cooked..."  I'm not trying to be progressive, I'm trying to go back to the basics.  

My natural salesman

I poked my head out of the door to check on my little munchkins and found this sight...

And can you guess who was the ringleader of this ragamuffin band?  Yes, that would be Caleb...  He LOVES to sell things!  And it's not just the smell of green (and silver and copper) that drives his passion, it's his passion for talking and people and the drama involved in selling things...  okay, so Caleb interjects drama into EVERY event in his life...  no really, EVERY event, no matter how minute...  We often refer to him as our little Drama King!  

This picture also depicts why Caleb and Justus get along so very well...  Jus doesn't care what Caleb's doing, he just wants to do whatever his big bubba's doing.  And Caleb thrives off of being the leader, and getting everyone, yes EVERYONE within earshot, involved in his plans.   He dragged two neighborhood kids into this yard sell, encouraging them to help him set up the table and chairs and gather all of the nasty-dirty-half broken-toys from the backyard...  vowing to pay them a portion of his proceeds.  Would you believe he suckered several passerbys out of over $5!?  Well, I guess you would if you knew Caleb...  :)

DGL spells relief!

Caleb and I both have sensitive tummies, along with prescribing yogurt our alternative doctor also suggested we use DGL chewable tablets.  I had 4 previous doctors of different specialties (family doc, pediatrician, pediatric gastroentronologist, and an allergist) prescribe Caleb (age 5 at the time) heavy duty adult heartburn drugs.  When I asked them how long Caleb would have to take these drugs, they all said he would probably have to take them for the rest of his life!!!  I was not at peace with this coarse of action.  So I sought out the opinion of one of the dad's from Caleb's school who also happens to be an MD with a more alternative approach.  He also suggested that I read the book "Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You", which I did and highly recommend for anyone who deals with sensitive tummy issues...  


I love that the DGL is an all natural product and I can give Caleb and entire bottle if I needed to without the risk of overdosing or side effects.  I always leave them out for the babysitters, and don't have to fear weather or not the babysitter knows how to correctly portion the meds...  And they are extremely effective!  My heartburn is usually gone within 15 MINUTES!!!  Needless to say, I'm a huge fan now!  :)  

Here is some info I found on the internet about DGL:

Stomach Discomfort
Almost everyone is familiar with the discomfort of an upset stomach. Most of us have indulged in our favorite foods, only to pay for it later during a sleepless night. Over-the-counter antacid tablets help, but recent research has revealed some concerns for those who consume them on a regular basis. Most prescription medications used to treat stomach discomfort do so by inhibiting or blocking acid secretion. Though temporarily effective, these medications often come with unpleasant side effects. Chewable DGL tablets offer a safe, effective way to relieve stomach discomfort naturally.

Features & Benefits of DGL Licorice

bulletLicorice flavonoids help inhibit acid secretion*
bulletIncreases blood flow to gastric mucosal cells*
bulletPromotes secretion of the protective mucosal layer*
bulletPromotes the growth of new mucosal cells*
bulletLicorice extract is de-glycyrrhizinated to avoid side effects

wpe8.jpg (2487 bytes)

How Does Licorice Work?
Licorice, or Glycyrrhiza glabra, has been used for over 3,000 years, making it one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in history.* Licorice naturally contains 10 triterpenes and 22 different flavonoids, which are believed to be responsible for its benefits.*1
Licorice has been used as a highly effective alternative to antacids and acid-blocking drugs. By comparison, licorice works not by inhibiting acid production, but rather through supporting and stimulating the stomach’s natural protective mechanisms.*2 Stomach discomfort is usually attributed to an imbalance between acid secretion and the stomach’s ability to protect itself against the irritation caused by acid. The presence of harmful bacteria can also be a factor. The stomach’s primary defense against corrosive gastric acid is a fine layer of mucin, secreted by millions of mucosal cells that line the stomach wall. Licorice has been shown to stimulate both the secretion of mucin and the formation of new mucosal cells, probably through its ability to increase blood flow to mucosal tissue.*2 In addition to supporting a normal chemical balance, licorice has also been shown to help inhibit the growth of potentially harmful intestinal bacteria, such as Helicobacter pylori.*3

We are family

While eating dinner the other night Caleb said out of the blue, *sigh* "I have the best sisters in the whole world!"  We looked at him questioningly and he replied, "Jessie and Sarah!" *duh*

Then the other day while driving in the van Jessie was able to finish my sentence and stated, "I'm so close to your family!"  To which Caleb replied, "Close to our family?!?!  You are our family!"

Now while these precious girls are not naturally our family members, they are our dear friends and practically our family in many ways.  We are so blessed by them, which is why they consistently make my Thankful Thursday list.  

Friday, April 17, 2009

What's a gup?

...I still don't know, but I do know that Caleb is super excited to be a something-something gup green belt now in Tae Kwan Do...

Just making sure mom is watching...

Jumping up and down, so excited to get his green belt

He's such a ham, there in the middle

Came home after testing for over 3 hours straight, and wanted to teach Jessie and Sarah TKD

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yummy Gummy Gators

For Easter this year I went to Chamberlain's (health food store) in search of some more natural goodies to include in our celebration.  Justus was with me and picked these Strawberry Alligators out...  (I wonder if I can figure out how to cut out veggies in the shape of alligators if he would eat them then...???)

Aren't they cute!  :)  They are gluten free, dairy free, have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no artificial citric acid...  Ingredients:  apple extracts thickened, apple pectine, strawberry juice thickened, lemon juice thickened, slightly sprayed with vegetable oil, natural flavor.  (thickened = water reduced)

They weren't a big hit with Caleb, "Mom, did you make these like the fruit roll ups you tried to make?"  (which he wasn't a fan of either...)

But Justus and I devoured these little gator snacks!

Thankful Thursday

1.  That Jesus didn't remain in the grave, but is ALIVE!  (or AWIVE, in Justusese)

2.  My toothbrush...  hey, sometimes its the littlest things that make me smile  :)

3.  My WONDERFUL husband who constantly spoils me!!!!!

4.  That Sarah and Jessie are home!  Missed you girls!  :)

5.  That I don't have to go to the laundromat

6.  Dave Ramsey!!!!

7.  Old chicken bones...  they make the most delicious stock!  I love taking something useless and discarded and making it into something useful!

Cute things Justus has said:

After doing the Resurrection Egg activity from the Christian bookstore, Justus found an empty egg on the ground, opened it and stated excitedly, "Jesus not there, He AWIVE!  (alive)"  So precious!!!

"I go Miss Biba's (Barbara's) class"  that's his preschool teacher.  After several days of spring break he kept begging to go back...  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1.  Our youth group - small in #, but big in heart  :)

2.  Friends who never hesitate to step up to the plate to help out!  Thanks guys!

3.  A hubby that changes diapers!!!  Honey, You ROCK!!!

4.  Dove Dark Chocolates - on sale 2 for 1 at Publix!  :)

5.  That I was able to go to Justus' Easter party at his preschool

6.  Mobile uploading pictures to facebook - so easy even I can do it!

7.  That God established tons of pictures pointing to Christ in the Jewish culture!  Amazing!!!


Funny things Caleb said this week:

"Mom, I love the spiderman 'toosetaste' (toothpaste ;)"

Funny things Justus said this week:

"Swimmin soup" instead of swimming suit  :)

"hit pause, hit pause!"  even in real life when he wants us to wait

found a little fuzzy baby chick in one of his eggs from his class' Easter egg hunt and asked, "where mama chick?"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flash Frozen Friendship Anyone?

While hanging out with some new friends the other night, our hostess was sharing about some of the people who were formerly involved in her life but who are no longer.  She said, "I'm a firm believer that God brings people into our lives for a time to help us grow, then removes them when He is done..."  I sat there as all of my insides screamed and cried in sorrow...  "NO!!!"  I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve type, so I'm sure she could see my awkward expression as I was trying to look supportive and look like I was listening attentively, while in the midsts of an internal turmoil outbreak...  Now, I intellectually know that what she was saying is very true, but emotionally I hate losing anybody...  EVER!  I want to collect and hoard all of my friends, past and present, and flash freeze them at the height of our friendships...  like flash frozen fruit - picked and frozen at the height of freshness...  I thought of all of the friendships I've lost...  some through very difficult circumstances, some through simply growing apart, some through moving and distance, some seem to just fade away...  and some friendships have just changed...  once inseparable, now just a comment or email here or there...  

I've contemplated, (many an hour in the last several months unfortunately) whether it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all...  at times I am grateful for the lessons I've learned, and I know I should be thankful in all situations, but other times it is just hard...  

I don't have an ending for this post except to say to all my former, present, and future friends, I love you all and pray that God's will be done, even if I don't understand it or like it...  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1.  Sunscreen...  I should use it...

2.  Caleb is the BEST big brother in the entire world!  Hands Down!!!

3.  Dinner and games with friends!

4.  My Hubby!  I could never make it as a single mom!!!!!!!  My prayers go out to any of you that are having to raise your kiddos alone!

5.  That my Hubby rocks at Tetris (among other things) which consequently makes him amazing at packing too!  :)

6.  Pools!!!  I could swim allllllll day every day!

7.  Random cute things Justus says such as:

"Tada!  Pole Wollies are here!"  (rolly pollies are here)

"buggle bee" instead of bumble bee

"I wooking at cacoons!"  i'm looking at racoons.