Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lots to look forward to...

Mad Gab

Trying to decipher Justus' 2yr old babbling is like playing mad gab 24/7

first round - "eye keem shrk"

Me:  "Ice Cream Shark?"

second round - urgent plea, slightly louder, slightly higher pitched  "Eye Keem SHRK!"

Me:  "Oh, Ice Cream Shark, ummmm a Shark that likes to eat ice cream?"

third round - frustrated, much louder, much higher pitched, "Eye Keem SHRK!!!"

Me:  "Oh Wow!  Really!  That is so cool!"

fourth round - rage, not satisfied with my attempt to play it off...  "EYE KEEM SHRK!!!"

Me:  "Look at the Huge Red Monster Truck!"

fifth round - absolute meltdown, furious that I attempted a diversion..., ridiculously loud, pitch so high all of the dogs in a 1 mile radius are in pain...  "EYE KEEM SHRK!!!!!!!!"

Me:  wits end, panic, what else can i guess...  oh, what's that about to pass me on the right...  an Ice Cream TRUCK!!!  Yay!  Okay, "Oh I see it buddy, an Ice Cream TRUCK!!!"  okay, success!  Whew!  Huge sigh of relief...  attempting to regain normal heart rate and breathing rate...

Justus:  giggles, "Yeah, eye keem shrk"  big smile

Friday, March 27, 2009

Loving Legos

...not me personally, but loving the hours of quiet legos afford me!!!  :)  Caleb can sit almost motionless for hours alone in his room (if you knew Caleb, you'd understand how astonishing this mini-miracle is...  He HATES to be alone, he HATES to be quiet, and he HATES to be still!!!)  I love to see him finally emerge from his room holding one of his masterpieces that fit intricately into some new realm he has been creating.  What a great exercise in focusing, and imagining and story telling, and I'm sure there are some mathematical brain muscles being stretched and flexed as well.  Here are some pictures of his creations.

Caleb:  Mom, I want you to put this on the family portrait.

Me:  Do you mean the blog?

Caleb:  Yeah.  I call it the family portrait because it's like a time capsule.

Did you notice the "Grabber Nabbers" on the front of the police ship?


My kind of fishing... Shopping for a Cause

Okay, so this is my second blog about a store within Lakeland's Lakeside Village, so I'm sure by now you can guess I enjoy that area...  I LOVE the store Go Fish!  It's a bit hard to find on a side alley area, plus it is right next door to Fish City restaurant so I've had several people who thought Go Fish was the take out or fast food portion of Fish City.  That would be a clever name if it were, but it's not.  Go Fish is a store that sells unique items from hard working artisans from developing countries.  I believe this picture is of the founder and one of the artisans.

My favorite earrings

My favorite Bracelet

Here is the web addy, but the website totally doesn't do the store justice!  So if you have a Go Fish store nearby, go check it out in person to get the full experience.


I LOVE Tea Largo located next door to Picasso's Cup in Lakland's Lakeside Village Shopping Center.  They always have several delicious teas to sample, and hundreds to choose from!  I picked up a super yummy blueberry tea while hanging out with a friend down there last weekend.  I love to grab a tasty iced tea, then sneak a peek inside Picasso's Cup at all the adorable artwork...  mind you, I'm not staying to actually participate in said artwork...  anything crafty makes me hyperventilate...  but I love to look.  That being said, if you are needing a buddy to hang with at Picasso's Cup, I'll join you with a super large iced tea creation and pull up a chair...  Minus a paint brush!!!  ;D

Click on the picture below to visit their website.

Tea Largo Beverage Company

Tea Largo is the area's first contemporary tea bar!

We have a full beverage menu for refreshment featuring Green Tea lattes, Fruit & Tea smoothies, Organic Honduran Iced coffee, "Red Espresso", Matcha Green Tea Lattes, and our famous Frozen Lattes (try our "frozen pumpkin pie"...yummm!)

We feature over 100 loose leaf teas & fruit tisanes hot, over ice, and in bulk so you can enjoy at home. We also carry Teaposy's blooming teas & gift sets, Muzi Matcha, Beehouse teapots, vegan baked goods, and more.

We still offer the same fabulous recipes of frozen and hot coffee lattes: Almond Joy * Almond Roca Mocha * Black Forest * Coconut Cream Pie * Cookies & Mint *Double Fudge Mocha * Dulce De Leche * English Toffee * German Chocolate Cake * Kahlua Mudslide (non alchoholic) * Oreo Mocha (Frozen only) * Peanut Butter Mocha * Raspberry Truffle * Tiramisu Cheesecake * Toasted Hazelnut * Toffee Nut

About Red Espresso... we were the first establishment in the STATE to serve up Red Espresso, a specially-ground, antioxidant-rich Rooibos extracted as a "shot" through our espresso machine. "Red Espresso" has 5 times the antioxidants of green tea! AND, its delicious! It is naturally sweet, so you can add half the sweetners! We serve up RED as a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, con pana, and can make your favorite lattes like pumpkin spice, chai, or caramel (hot or iced!) RED is naturally caffeine-free, so its great for athletes, kids, expectant and nursing mothers, those sensitive to even "decaf" espresso, and anyone who wants the health benefits of tea. ENJOY!
I Recommend
Red Espresso…

Red Espresso
We all LOVE to make tea lattes (iced or hot) …

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

A sampling of things I'm thankful for this week:

1. My dear sweet hubby taking the kiddos to Awana last night so I could do whatever I wanted all alone in a peaceful, quiet house!!! He really shows me in many different ways every single day how much he loves me! :)

2. Friend's babies to help soothe my slight baby fever

3. SAK comedy lab which is so much fun! And friends to go with! :) (this one was supposed to go in last weeks that I missed...)

4. That Eric is so patient with me!

5. Friends that encourage and inspire me

6. That Eric doesn't have to commute!

7. MOPs - hanging around other women in similar situations as myself is so therapeutic!

Whatcha thankful for these days?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Me:  Hey Justus, whatcha doing?

Me:  What's in there buddy?

Justus:  I got crickets

Me:  (stifling gag reflex...)  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


He is unlike his camera hog big bubba in many ways, especially in that Jus hates getting his picture taken.  However,  lately he has realized how cute he is occasionally and will ham it up a bit for the camera - lucky for me and so thankful that my constant companion (aka iPhone) has a built in camera so I can catch these adorable moments!!!


A friend from my high school youth group is hosting a chance to win a candy package on her blog ( 

Here is a little of what she had to say:

I LOVE promoting natural alternatives to mainstream foods and treats... and this is one treat that kids and adults alike will love and appreciate! Besides being delicious, all Surf Sweets Candies are:
  • Made with Organic Fruit Juice & Sweeteners
  • Made with Natural Colors & Flavors
  • Contain 100% of Your Daily Vitamin C
  • Free of Corn Syrup and GMOs
  • Made in a Nut Free Facility
  • Gluten Free

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thankful errrrr... Friday? ;}

Playing catch up today...  ;D

Things I've been especially thankful for this week:

1.  My Tuesday night Life Group - y'all are so much FUN!  I LOVE TUESDAY NIGHTS!!!

2.  That Rylann was born super early Thursday morning and that both baby and momma are doing well!  I can't wait to hold her!!!!!!!!!

3.  For yummy homemade Amish Friendship Bread, and yummy homemade raw butter!!!  Thanks Sarah and Jessie, y'all are the BEST!  :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. Camera on my iphone so I always have it with me... Caught this adorable "tiss" pic of Jus.

2. Lock on my door so I can take a shower in peace! (any mom with little ones can appreciate this one as well! Mom, I'm soooo retroactively sorry!!!)

3. Camping with the fam

4. Indoor plumbing!!!

5. MY SHOWER!!!!!

6. My own bed!

7. Crockpot... Not only does it cook while I'm busy doing other things, but they're especially handy when the oven quits working!

8. Friends who know how to fix ovens! Thanks Bill! :)

9. That the fix was super simple and cheap!!!

Psalm 116:12
How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A couple of weeks ago my coffee pot broke, and I've been holding out until I place an order for a new one...  So this my desperate attempt at getting some coffee!!!  I know when I get a real coffee pot again it will totally make my Thankful Thursday list!!!