Thursday, April 30, 2009

My little animal rescuer

While at "work" today Caleb and my friend came across this turtle in the fish pond.  

They released him here at a nearby lake.  (I'm thinking I wish someone would release me here, looks like a great lake to sit and read a good book!)

I love how Caleb is with animals.  I can see in these pictures how he felt the responsibility of saving this little guy (*or gal...  he can tell the difference you know!  seriously!)  and the sense of purpose and pride he felt for this accomplishment.

I am so very grateful that my friend took these pictures for me!!!

*While we were on a field trip with Caleb's class a few weeks ago, the lady asked the class, "Does anybody know how we can tell weather this is a girl turtle, or a boy turtle?"  Caleb's hand shot up and I was instantly filled with fear...  oh no, what in the world is he going to say...  no, no lady, don't call on him....  panic, she called on him....  

Caleb replied, "If the turtle has a flat tummy or a dented tummy."  Whew!  relief!  

Lady, "That's right!  A girl turtle has a flat tummy and a boy turtle looks like he's been punched in the gut."

He told me later he learned that at Lion Country Safari!  So he was listening!!!  :)  (Apparently much better than I was because I totally didn't remember that!)