Sunday, April 19, 2009

My natural salesman

I poked my head out of the door to check on my little munchkins and found this sight...

And can you guess who was the ringleader of this ragamuffin band?  Yes, that would be Caleb...  He LOVES to sell things!  And it's not just the smell of green (and silver and copper) that drives his passion, it's his passion for talking and people and the drama involved in selling things...  okay, so Caleb interjects drama into EVERY event in his life...  no really, EVERY event, no matter how minute...  We often refer to him as our little Drama King!  

This picture also depicts why Caleb and Justus get along so very well...  Jus doesn't care what Caleb's doing, he just wants to do whatever his big bubba's doing.  And Caleb thrives off of being the leader, and getting everyone, yes EVERYONE within earshot, involved in his plans.   He dragged two neighborhood kids into this yard sell, encouraging them to help him set up the table and chairs and gather all of the nasty-dirty-half broken-toys from the backyard...  vowing to pay them a portion of his proceeds.  Would you believe he suckered several passerbys out of over $5!?  Well, I guess you would if you knew Caleb...  :)