Friday, March 27, 2009

My kind of fishing... Shopping for a Cause

Okay, so this is my second blog about a store within Lakeland's Lakeside Village, so I'm sure by now you can guess I enjoy that area...  I LOVE the store Go Fish!  It's a bit hard to find on a side alley area, plus it is right next door to Fish City restaurant so I've had several people who thought Go Fish was the take out or fast food portion of Fish City.  That would be a clever name if it were, but it's not.  Go Fish is a store that sells unique items from hard working artisans from developing countries.  I believe this picture is of the founder and one of the artisans.

My favorite earrings

My favorite Bracelet

Here is the web addy, but the website totally doesn't do the store justice!  So if you have a Go Fish store nearby, go check it out in person to get the full experience.


Jennifer said...

I too like Go Fish after first discovering them in SC while on vacation. When I found one in Lakeland I was excited. Did you know that we talked seriously about opening a franchise in the Winter Haven area several years ago? The start-up costs were too high for us though.

How often are you in Lakeland? Why don't you call me sometime, I live here you know. :)