Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thursday is finally here (actually, an hour from now, but I just can't wait to start this post!!!)!  I've been looking forward to Thankful Thursday (a posting idea from a friend from my high school youth group - Ainsley) ever since I started this blog a few days ago...  It's actually that idea alone that pushed me to start a blog at all.  I dunno, this just struck a cord deep down within me, which may explain why my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!!!

1.  Hearing Justus' precious 2 yr old version of words such as:  tis (kiss), hug-hug or huggie-hug, shoclit (chocolate), frory (sorry)

2.  Watching Caleb play so lovingly with his baby brother.  He's the best big brother on the planet!

3.  My wonderful husband!  He is my rock and biggest supporter!  I'm so grateful that he is so smart and always thinks outside the box, helping me accomplish so much more than I ever could on my own!  Plus he totally spoils me!  :)

4.  Facebook and Myspace and email and internet...  and iPhones and MACS!  ;D  Eric says once you go Mac, you never go back, and I totally get it now!  ;D  It's great to have instant access to people in my life that I haven't seen in over a decade, and other loved ones who are so stinkin' far away...

5.  Caleb's school, teachers, principal, headmaster, other support staff...  they are all so great and I've always had that "I'm home" feeling there.  I love that he is challenged there not only academically, but he's instructed Biblically on how to live from the inside out.

6.  Being able to be a stay-at-home mom and not miss those precious moments with my kiddos.

7.  Relatively chilly evenings, which induce the BEST sleep under my super cozy comforter  :)

8.  Pandora - the ability to have my favorite music at my fingertips as all times!

9.  Zerberts on Justus' belly and the infectious giggles that ensue.

10.  Blowing bubbles - one of Justus' favorite things to do.  Watching him chase down the bubbles, karate chop them, punch them, kick them, go cross-eyed trying to focus on them...  and all the great sound effects that little boys make to accompany EVERYTHING they do...  ;D

11.  Hearing Justus say his newest phrase, "Are you kidd'n me!?"  And watching his face light up knowing he's just said the funniest thing in history.  :)

12.  Watching Caleb jump on his new trampoline that he paid for with his hard earned savings, and seeing the pride on his face when his friends find out he bought it.  :)

13.  Listening to Caleb's voice deepen when he was offered his first "job" this week (weeding my friend's vegetable garden once a week  ;)

SO, WHATCHA THANKFUL FOR THESE DAYS?  (These are real questions I would love to hear y'all's - an actual southernism... - answers!  :)


Jennifer said...

I could say something similar to most of those myself. Can't wait to see what you share next week.

Palmer Surf Crew said...

That was sweet! I like the "Thankful Thursdays" idea, too! I've seen that on a few blogs lately. I love your blog - it looks great, Heather!