Friday, March 27, 2009


I LOVE Tea Largo located next door to Picasso's Cup in Lakland's Lakeside Village Shopping Center.  They always have several delicious teas to sample, and hundreds to choose from!  I picked up a super yummy blueberry tea while hanging out with a friend down there last weekend.  I love to grab a tasty iced tea, then sneak a peek inside Picasso's Cup at all the adorable artwork...  mind you, I'm not staying to actually participate in said artwork...  anything crafty makes me hyperventilate...  but I love to look.  That being said, if you are needing a buddy to hang with at Picasso's Cup, I'll join you with a super large iced tea creation and pull up a chair...  Minus a paint brush!!!  ;D

Click on the picture below to visit their website.

Tea Largo Beverage Company

Tea Largo is the area's first contemporary tea bar!

We have a full beverage menu for refreshment featuring Green Tea lattes, Fruit & Tea smoothies, Organic Honduran Iced coffee, "Red Espresso", Matcha Green Tea Lattes, and our famous Frozen Lattes (try our "frozen pumpkin pie"...yummm!)

We feature over 100 loose leaf teas & fruit tisanes hot, over ice, and in bulk so you can enjoy at home. We also carry Teaposy's blooming teas & gift sets, Muzi Matcha, Beehouse teapots, vegan baked goods, and more.

We still offer the same fabulous recipes of frozen and hot coffee lattes: Almond Joy * Almond Roca Mocha * Black Forest * Coconut Cream Pie * Cookies & Mint *Double Fudge Mocha * Dulce De Leche * English Toffee * German Chocolate Cake * Kahlua Mudslide (non alchoholic) * Oreo Mocha (Frozen only) * Peanut Butter Mocha * Raspberry Truffle * Tiramisu Cheesecake * Toasted Hazelnut * Toffee Nut

About Red Espresso... we were the first establishment in the STATE to serve up Red Espresso, a specially-ground, antioxidant-rich Rooibos extracted as a "shot" through our espresso machine. "Red Espresso" has 5 times the antioxidants of green tea! AND, its delicious! It is naturally sweet, so you can add half the sweetners! We serve up RED as a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, con pana, and can make your favorite lattes like pumpkin spice, chai, or caramel (hot or iced!) RED is naturally caffeine-free, so its great for athletes, kids, expectant and nursing mothers, those sensitive to even "decaf" espresso, and anyone who wants the health benefits of tea. ENJOY!
I Recommend
Red Espresso…

Red Espresso
We all LOVE to make tea lattes (iced or hot) …


Rachel said...

I'm in for the iced tea, not so much the pottery painting! I would be a nervous wreck if I had to paint something I was going to buy and display in our home.

I love tea bars, especially the ones that let you sample. Those frozen lattes on the menu sound yummy! Thanks for the great info, and lets set up a girls' day there sometime!

Anonymous said...

Tea Largo sounds like fun! I'd love to go there someday with you!

Lauren P.